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InnoX simplifies innovation through effective collaboration techniques and efficient program management tools. InnoX is a platform for expressing and exchanging innovative ideas as well as experiencing new ones.

What is InnoX?

InnoX is more than just an open innovation platform—it’s a dynamic ecosystem engineered to foster the creation and cultivation of breakthrough ideas. Our comprehensive suite of tools supports the lifecycle of innovation programs, from the initial spark of a challenge or hackathon to the strategic development within incubators and accelerators, all the way to the thrill of pitch competitions. InnoX is where concepts are transformed into reality, enabling a diverse community of innovators, startups, evaluators, and sponsors to drive the future of technology, business, and society.

Why InnoX?

In the fast-paced world of innovation, managing multifaceted programs can be as complex as the ideas they aim to harvest. InnoX streamlines this complexity, offering a centralized platform that is adaptable to the unique needs of each innovation journey. We provide the framework for seamless interaction and growth, allowing users to focus on what they do best: innovate. InnoX is necessary because it not only nurtures innovation but also ensures that it can be effectively executed, scaled, and brought to market.

Benefits for Our Diverse Users


For Innovators and Startups

InnoX is your fertile ground for growth. Access challenges that test and build your skills, connect with mentors who can guide your trajectory, and gain the visibility needed to attract investment and market intere.


For Sponsors

Position your brand at the forefront of innovation. InnoX grants you privilege to sponsor and shape the future, finding alignment with groundbreaking ideas that reflect your company’s vision and goals.


For Evaluators and Judges

Your wisdom can turn the tides. On InnoX, offer critical insights and feedback that can sculpt the next big idea. Benefit from robust tools designed to streamline the evaluation process and enable effective mentorship.

The Innox Values



Every step taken on InnoX is clear and visible. We believe in an open exchange of ideas, where the process from conception to realization is shared and celebrated.



At InnoX, commitments are honored, and responsibilities are upheld. We provide a trustworthy environment where every member is held to the highest standards of integrity.



Time is of the essence in innovation. Our platform is optimized for swift and smooth operations, ensuring that ideas move rapidly from the drawing board to development and beyond.



We are committed to breaking barriers to entry in the innovation ecosystem. InnoX welcomes dreamers and doers from all backgrounds, providing equal opportunities for success.



The synergy of different minds is the key to extraordinary results. InnoX fosters a collaborative culture that breaks down silos and brings together diverse perspectives for unparalleled innovation.

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